About Us

Bethune Oriental Medicine Center, the largest acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic in Edmonton, Canada, is committed to provide top services in complimentary and alternative medicine. Also, we are a Grant MacEwan approved teaching clinic. Using a team approach, we offer acupuncture, herbal remedy, and other treatment modalities for best clinic effects. Our team, with education, experience, dedication and caring, has successfully helped thousands of patients with diseases difficult to manage sometimes.

Bethune Center is named after Dr. Norman Bethune to remind us of his spirit, morality, dedication, professionalism, and love for health and well-being of the mankind. We believe, by working together, we can make a difference.

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Phone: 780-461-6668

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Email: bethunecentre@hotmail.com
3220 Parsons Road (99 St) Edmonton, AB, T6N 1M2
Business Hour:
Mon–Fri  9 am – 7 pm
Sat. Sun.   9 am – 5 pm
We open 7 days a week!

"Ancient healing + Western Science = Best Care "


Bethune Oriental Medicine Center is designed for our patients. We want you feel at home and comfortable from the first moment you enter our clinic. When you enter the clinic, you can talk to the receptionist; make your appointments. If you are early, you can have a whole body massage in a chair and read magazines or newspapers. There are 16 cozy treatment rooms, a classroom and storage shelves of hundreds of raw herbs and pattern medicine. Ancient healing + Western Science = Best Care In Bethune Oriental Medicine Center, you are not only receiving a wholistic way of health care from ancient China and contemporary western medicine, but also enjoying the attitude and kindness from our team mates. In addition, all the practitioners work as a team with education, experience, and dedication; massage, and the ion cleanse etc.



We are going to renew our prices of the treatments. Please check our new price list in the "Fees".

I am using several strategies to restore my health and believe that the use of acupuncture and herbs are contributing to my ongoing healing. I appreciate that Jane is interested in hearing how other forms of treatment are helping me because the various methods are affirming each other’s diagnosis which is most helpful to me.

Jim Dueck

When it comes to aches and pains we need to listen to what we tell our bodies. Bethune Center’s focus on natural healing methods and the vast knowledge and positive attitude towards patients contributes to fast healing. Your approach of ancient Chinese medicine combined with modern science definitely makes total sense.

Pam Perera

Before coming have I had been seen by numerous doctors or specialists and none could help me or no one can tell me where the problem is so I continued and lost my ability to walk. Since coming here I am back on my feet and feel much better. My doctor all amazed and have asked me for the clinic’s name.

Louise Edwards
Fort Saskathewan

After feeling disillusioned with Western medicine and having Dr.’s tell me that they can only treat the symptoms I turned to TCM. Within a few visits I was 75% improved and feeling energy for the first time in 7 months. Thank you.

Patti O’keefe

I would like to take your business card and hand it out to my friends when they talk about their medical problems. I will tell them that you were a very good help with my neck problem and my back of sleeping. After 10 treatments, I feel 100% better. Thanks.

Charlotte Carrier