Dr. Norman Bethune, a skillful and dedicated Canadian surgeon, is a hero to China. He helped Chinese people during W.W.II and sacrificed his life to a great and justified cause.

Bethune Oriental Medicine Center is named after Dr. Norman Bethune to remind us of his spirit, morality, dedication, professionalism, and love for health and well-being of mankind.




Speakers at Grand Opening

grand04Ms. Helen K.Y. Cheung

Regional Manager,
Occupational Health and Safety,
Health Canada

grand05Dr. Malcolm King
Professor, University of Alberta
Governor of Aborriginal Institute of Canadian Institute for Health Research
Chair of Scientific Advisory Committee of the Center

Mr. Xi-Zhu Sun
The Consul in General, Consulate of P. R. China in Calgary, Canada

Dr. Steven K. Aung MD
President, College of Integrative Medicine
The recipient of Alberta Order of Excellence

Prof. Malcolm King and Dr. Fu-Lin Wang

From Mayer and Edmonton council...


Congratulations from Mayer Bill Smith and Edmonton council.