Master of Arts in Chinese Philosophy
Registered Massage Therapist
Registered Acupuncturist

Bobby has years of experience in practicing Chinese medicine through treatments such as Tuina Massage, Acupressure, and Acupuncture where he focuses on integrating Zang Fu Differentiation and Meridian Differentiation. Based on individualized diagnosis, Bobby offers a combination of traditional Chinese medicine methods to enhance treatment effectiveness and maximize patients’ wellbeing. Highly interested in the research and cure of all pains and difficult miscellaneous diseases. He is also skilled in methods such as Moxibustion, Cupping and Gua sha .

Bobby holds the belief that we need to pursue further progress through reflecting on ourselves. He is very interested in Chinese philosophy, and has greatly benefited from studying philosophy and practicing Tai Chi in order to understand the ‘Tao’ (principles of life) that is imbedded in both, and implements his understanding of Tao in practicing Chinese medicine.

As we are all wonders of the universe, Bobby strongly believes in the potential innate to each individual. By establishing harmony and balance within our lives, we can be our own best doctors.