Dr. Cindy Hong LU, R.Ac., Herbalist, TCMD, MS

Dr. Cindy LU has 8-year rigorous and extensive training at the Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), with one-year fellowship at Shuguang Hospital of Shanghai – one of the top TCM hospitals in China. She completed her internship at Shanghai General Hospital and RuiJin Hospital, rotating through various specialties related to both modern medicine and TCM. She received her master of medicine in 1999, specializing in TCM acupuncture and herbal treatments.

After graduation, Dr. LU has practiced at the department of traditional Chinese medicine of Central Hospital of Karamay – a AAA general hospital – the largest of the region for over 10 years. As a chief doctor, she has treated thousands of patients each year with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and successful hands-on experiences.

Dr. LU is often invited by doctors of modern medicine from other departments of the Hospital to provide acupuncture and herbal treatments for patients who need integrated treatments combining both TCM and modern medicine.  

With her rich knowledge and experience, Dr. LU has served on the Examination Committee for Doctor-in-charge and higher level exams in the region. While treating patients with different diseases, Dr. LU is more interested and specializes in the areas of obstetric and gynecologic diseases, emotional and mental disorders, endocrine disorders, pain syndrome, skin diseases, post-surgery conditions, and sub-health state. Dr. LU also has solid knowledge in modern medicine in pathology, physiology, and lab-diagnosis such as various lab tests on blood and fluids, ultrasound, X-ray and MRI. This additional asset helps her offer better assessment, consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

Joined Canada 10 years ago, Dr. Cindy LU would like to use her rich knowledge and skills to serve Canadians. She fully believes in the principle that patients’ interest always comes first; for each patient, she not only serves with her knowledge and skills but also her heart. Only the relevant, effective and safe treatments are used in her practice. She also teaches her patients various natural ways to maintain health, prevent disease and to prolong life.