Registered Acupuncturist,
Bachelor of Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (China)
Grant MacEwan College Instructor



Dr. King Sang Wong was born in a family with a long history of practice of TCM. Graduated from Guangzhou TCM University, he received a Bachelor of Medicine in 1990. He has served as the president of Alberta Traditional Chinese Medical Science and Acupuncture Association, the Board of Examiners in Acupuncture for Alberta, and is currently the member of Acupuncture Committee of Alberta, instructor and Clinic Director of the Acupuncture Diploma Program, Grant MacEwan University.

Dr. Wong is kind, positive, and caring to patients. He has rich experience in treating may popular diseases with acupuncture and TCM herbs, such as Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, hypertension, menopause, sport injury, and motor vehicle injury. He is well-known for his fast clinical effects and Tai Ji. He is the Gold Medallist of Tai Chi of International Tournament in China (2002).

Courses by Dr. Wang

Dr. Wang also teaches in Traditional Chinese Herbology Program provided by the Grant McEwan Acupuncture program. Courses he teaches are:

  • Herbs and Formulas to release the exterior
  • Herbs and Formulas for Digestion
  • Herbology Internship