Seminars & Workshops

At Bethune Oriental Medicine Center, we organize seminars and workshops from time to time. Lectured by professional and experienced Traditional Chinese Doctors, these seminars give public better understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Past Lectures

  • Acupuncture Treatment of Overweight and Fibromyoalgia
    by Dr. XueMin Shi, The No.1 Acupuncture Expert in ChinaProf. Shi has over 40 years of acupuncture practice in China. He founded a unique acupuncture therapy named “Xin Nao Kai Qiao” to treat stroke. After over 20 years of clinical application nation wide, this technique has been improved also very useful in the treatment of painful syndrome, senile dementia, depression, multiple sclerosis, traumatic paraplegia, aortic arch syndrome and more.

Download the presentation slide (.ppt file)

  • Treatment of Cancer with Traditional Chinese Medicine
    by Dr. FuLin Wang at Grey Nuns Community Hospital Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine plays a very important rule in TCM. How does Chinese Herb treat cancer, More than 35 doctors, nurses and healthcare staff in the hospital attended the seminar. Most of the attendee expressed very interest to the “new” remedy for cancer treatment.
  • Art of Acupuncture — Why it is good for pain killing
  • Diabetes treatment — Western and Eastern
  • Weight Loss — Choose the best one that suits you
  • Face prediction — its use in healthcare
  • Dairy? How good it is?
  • Cancer treatment — Western and Eastern
  • Boost your immune system with herbs
  • Pyramid energy — one of Energy Medicine
  • Dowsing — can it be used in healthcare?
  • Rehabilitation of fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue — TCM introduction
  • Use of Chinese Medicine — A Dream or Reality?
  • Quit Smoking — how acupuncture and TCM can help you quit smoking

Researches & Publications

Researches and publications related to Traditional Chinese Medicine.