Declaration: Comments here are from our clients, which represent their opinions. We respect conventional medical systems as well as other alternative medical systems in the world. Each medical system has its own advantage and also disadvantages in clinical services. We believe that combination of both Oriental and Western medicine will provide better care for patients. We welcome comments and feedback to improve our services for more promising treatment effects.

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Pam Perera Edmonton

When it comes to aches and pains we need to listen to what we tell our bodies. Bethune Center’s focus on natural healing methods and the vast knowledge and positive attitude towards patients contributes to fast healing. Your approach of ancient Chinese medicine combined with modern science definitely makes total sense.

Louise Edwards Fort Saskathewan

Before coming have I had been seen by numerous doctors or specialists and none could help me or no one can tell me where the problem is so I continued and lost my ability to walk. Since coming here I am back on my feet and feel much better. My doctor all amazed and have asked me for the clinic’s name.

Patti O’keefe Edmonton

After feeling disillusioned with Western medicine and having Dr.’s tell me that they can only treat the symptoms I turned to TCM. Within a few visits I was 75% improved and feeling energy for the first time in 7 months. Thank you.

Charlotte Carrier Edmonton

I would like to take your business card and hand it out to my friends when they talk about their medical problems. I will tell them that you were a very good help with my neck problem and my back of sleeping. After 10 treatments, I feel 100% better. Thanks.



Heinz Brademann Edmonton

Despite what you might think – the needles do not hurt. In may situation I came for treatment because I have an irregular heat beat. I have been to other doctors and a cardiologist and their treatments did not have any lasing corrective effect. Since I have taken the acupuncture my heart palpitations and have decreased from 10 per minute to 6 per minute.

Raymond Vallee Edmonton

Acupuncture preserved my salivary gland function after radiation treatments.

Ron Currie Edmonton

I have been treated by chiropractics and physiotherapists without the same success as that achieved with the combination of herbs and acupuncture treatments. Treatment has not yet been completed but I am confident the result will achieve long lasting pain relief.

Jim Dueck Edmonton

I am using several strategies to restore my health and believe that the use of acupuncture and herbs are contributing to my ongoing healing. I appreciate that Jane is interested in hearing how other forms of treatment are helping me because the various methods are affirming each other’s diagnosis which is most helpful to me.

Pain Management


Patricia Hanns Stony Plan, AB

I have been receiving many forms of treatment for neck, back and whip injury over the past 6 years. They have given me short term relief. Fore acupuncture sessions have made a huge difference for me – not only for my physical ailments but over all well-being – you need to try it!

Jack Fedan Edmonton

I had a lot of discomfort in my lower right area of my back for almost four years. I had seen a few doctors and undergone a lot of medical tests but no one was able to help me. I was recommended to see Jane (Acupuncturist) and found relief. The pain subsided substantially.

Val Tillner Edmonton

I have been suffering with lower back pain and sciatica for a long time. After getting treatments I feel good again. I did not need any medication. I loved the mind and peaceful atmosphere.

Randal Chittick Whitecourt, AB

After several treatments I have found relief. Once again I am now able to do things without severe back pain everyday and no longer need to take pain killers. I highly recommend the staff at the Bethune Center!

Peggy Wallace Spruce Grove

Much better to obtain relief from pain (with) the alternative way than taking prescription drugs with no many unknown side effects.

Penny Goulding Edmonton

He’s a miracle! Takes away headaches instantly. Helps stomach fell better, gets stiff shoulders and back loosened up. Feel like a new person!

Shelodon Zemp Edmonton

It has helped me a great deal with my pain + swelling. The staff is very friendly and a pleasure to deal with.

Ted Tokariuk Edmonton

I have suffered these pains for many years and have received little relief from the many methods of treatments I have received. This is the first type of treatment that appears to significantly relieve and improve those pains.

Myron D. Baziuk Edmonton

I had four months of intense pain and conventional therapy did not reduce my pain. Acupuncture and herbal treatment have reduced my pain and have stabilized my condition.

Daryl Cote Whitecourt, AB

The Center has helped to reduce my pain greatly. It took only a short time to get me back on my feet from back trouble.

Darrell Watson Grande Prairie

That I’ve clear up my digestive problems and help me with my back and knee problem.

Shireen Meehan Fort Saskatchewan

Excellent service; Wonderful energy; Kind, peaceful atmosphere; Helped me with my food cravings and back pain.

Kent Madson Edmonton, AB

After a series of acupuncture and herbal treatment, the pain that I have been experiencing is much more tolerable. I have been sleeping better and generally more well rested.

Linda Wong Edmonton

An effective method of treatment for muscle tension and aches.