Tai chi is a centuries-old Chinese martial art that descends from qigong, an ancient Chinese discipline that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. According to some records, tai chi dates back as far as 2,500 years! It is a discipline that involves the mind, breath, a series of slow, meditative body movements that are designed for self-defense and to promote inner peace and calm.

At high level of skill, a defender can use a small amount of energy to neutralize the far greater external force of an attacker.

In China, it is believed that tai chi can delay aging and prolong life, increase flexibility and strengthen muscles and tendons, and aid in the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, digestive disorders, skin diseases, depression, cancer, and many other illnesses.

Benefits of Tai Chi:

  • For benefits associated with low-impact, weight-bearing, aerobic exercise.
  • To improve physical condition, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility.
  • To improve balance and decrease the risk of falls, especially in elderly people
  • To ease pain and stiffness—for example, from osteoarthritis
  • To improve sleep
  • For overall wellness.