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Bethune Oriental Medicine Center is designed for our patients. We want you feel at home and comfortable from the first moment you enter our clinic. When you enter the clinic, you can talk to the receptionist; make your appointments. If you are early, you can have a whole body massage chair in n a cd magazines or newspapers. There is 12 cozy treatment rooms, a classroom and storage shelves of hundreds of raw herbs and pattern medicine.

Ancient healing + Western Science = Best Care

In Bethune Oriental Medicine Center, you are not only receiving a wholistic way of health care from ancient China and contemporary western medicine, but also enjoying the attitude and kindness from our team mates. In addition, all the practitioners work as a team with education, experience, and dedication; therefore, for the complicated cases they can always discuss and find the best solution for our patients. We proudly provide the services including: Traditional Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, herbal, Tui-Na massage,cupping, and the ion cleanse etc.

Sub Clinics

We also have 3 sub clinics in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Grant MacEwan approved Teaching Clinic

We are one of the few Grant MacEwan approved teaching clinic in Edmonton, Canada. It devotes to the sharing of information on the current practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Herbology has been an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years; and is growing in popularity as a complementary health practice.

With the Federal government looking closely at regulating TCM there is a need for an Acupuncture practitioner to meet standards of competency to provide safe and effective service to their clients.

gra_tc2Traditional Chinese Herbology Program

Grant McEwan Acupuncture program also provide the Traditional Chinese Herbology Program (click here to see the program brochure); Bethune Oriental Medicine Center has the most abundant herbal materials and formula and most important – the TCM doctors all well-knowledgeable about Chinese Herbs and have years of experience in herbal treatment, therefore Bethune Oriental Medicine Center is also the Teaching clinic of the Traditional Chinese Herbololgy program.

Course List Instructor
Introduction of Chinese Herbology Dr. Jiulin(Joe) Wang
Tonic Herbs and Formulas Dr. Jiulin(Joe) Wang
Herbs and Formulas to release ther exterior Dr. King Wong
Herbs amd Formulas to clear heat Dr. Jiulin(Joe) Wang
Herbs amd Formulas to Dispel Dampness Dr. Jane Fan
Herbs amd Formulas to Regulate Qi/Blood Dr. Jane Fan
Herbs amd Formulas to Expel Phlegm/cough Dr. Jiulin(Joe) Wang
Herbs amd Formulas for Digestion Dr. King Wong
Herbology Internship Dr. Jiulin W / Dr. King W
Research Methodology Dr. Barkley Tan