Jing (Maggie) MA, BSc, RMT

Maggie MA graduated from the Toronto Massage School in 2011 and after successful completion of the provincial registration exam for massage therapists in Ontario, she became a registered massage therapist since then.  Through many years of practice, Maggie MA is able to effectively integrate western and Chinese massage and formed her unique style of treatment.

Maggie MA specializes in both relaxation massage and pain syndrome treatment. She is particularly good at foot massage/reflexology, and treating women with pregnancy and postpartum conditions, such as breast distension and pain, insufficient breast milk production, and unfavourable body shape and weight after delivery. She is highly praised by her clients for her unique way of foot massage and effectiveness of treatment of pregnancy and postpartum conditions. In addition, she also studied treatment of sport injuries, surgery and motor vehicle accident induced health problems, with reasonable results.

Maggie is easy-going, respectful and kind. Care for clients is the core concept of her practice. She loves her job and committed to it heart fully.  Since performing massage is not just a job for her, but more importantly an enjoyable way of life of her choice.